About Robsco

Rotary hose crates stacked in the Robsco warehouse.

In early 1980, Robert Mitchell, James Scott and Bud Parret were approached by the Gates Corporation to open a warehouse in the thriving market of Houston, Texas.  The three partners, seasoned with experience from Goodall Rubber and Wilson Supply, opened the doors of Robsco on April 1st 1980.  The Gates Corporation closed their Houston warehouse and turned Robsco into a commissioned warehouse servicing both export and domestic business.

  Robsco soon turned into a powerhouse of industrial and oilfield belting and hose distribution doing over 8 million in annual sales of Gates belts alone.  Toward the beginning of the oil “boom”, Robsco developed a process for turning new and used Gates Rotary assemblies into short vibrator hoses.  Gates and Robsco entered into an agreement to have Robsco produce vibrator hoses for contracts across North America.  This partnership was successful until the oil market fell apart in the mid 80’s.

In 1986 Gates requested that Robsco relocate the warehouse closer to the center of Houston.  When they moved, Robsco immediately took over the Gates worldwide emergency order business.  This helped Robsco survive the harsh oil market conditions of the mid to late 80’s.

Crated hose with a 5000# flange.
  Pre-skived vibrator hoses on the Robsco warehouse floor.

As the oil market began to rebuild itself, The Gates Corporation pushed Robsco further into the world view.  Gates started requesting customers with Rotary and Vibrator hose inquires to contact Robsco directly.  Still functioning as a commissioned warehouse Robsco was now directly dealing with customers worldwide.


In 2001, changes in drilling technologies led to the development of a new hose creation process, which not only proved to be stronger and longer lasting, it also meant that hoses could be created to exact customer specification in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.  Robsco was one of the earliest adopters of this technique and became one of the original Gates “Certified Roughneck Distributors”.


Soon after becoming a Roughneck Distributor for Gates, Robsco started to phase out their commissioned warehouse agreement.  By 2006 Robsco had become a leading distributor of the complete line of Gates Oilfield and Industrial products.  Today, Robsco maintains a comprehensive stock of Gates products and ships hose assemblies and belts to customers in over 20 different countries worldwide.

Gates truck docked at Robsco warehouse.